Voip Traffic Shaping on WAN for Asterisk (DMZ)

  • Hi,

    I have installed the latest update of pfsense and with help eventually got to a position were asterisk on the DMZ is working well using SIP.

    My next objective is to start shaping traffic so that Voip calls get priority.

    I read that in previous versions you cannot shape on the opt1 interface but surely all outgoing traffic is shaped at the WAN so with the correct rules the source should not be that important?

    So far I have setup using the wizard and used the new feature that allowed me to specify the source of Voip traffic in this case (DMZ subnet). This created 2 rules in the shaper

    If Proto Source Destination Target Description 
    *  *  qVOIPDown/qVOIPUp  VOIP Adapter

    *  *  qVOIPUp/qVOIPDown  VOIP Adapter

    and queues

    Flags Priority Default Bandwidth Name   
          0   No  1024 Kb    qWANRoot

    0   No  1024 Kb    qDMZRoot

    3   Yes  1 %    qWANdef

    7   No  1 %    qVOIPDown

    7   No  1 %    qVOIPUp

    3   Yes  1 %    qDMZdef

    ACK    7   No  1 %    qWANacks

    ACK    7   No  1 %    qDMZacks

    RED ECN    0   No  1 %    qP2PUp

    RED ECN    0   No  1 %    qP2PDown

    At this stage when I make a phone call and watch the queues in action all my voice traffic appears to join the qWANacks and qDMZdef instead of joing the VoipUP and VoipDown.

    I know this is going to take a bit of tinkering to get working but is it possible to log excatly what is happening with the queues in the shell?

    Am I going about this completely wrong?

    Could someone also please explain what the qWANacks queue is doing, I thought it should only prioritise ack's but mine appears to be also taking voip calls?

    I am a completely new to this stuff but am willing to learn, my biggest problem is I cannot find much documentation to help with the traffic shaping stuff.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated