Update on number of pfSense known live installs ?

  • It would be interesting to see an update to the estimated number of pfsense live installs, like the one offered in Nov-2011 blog post

    PS: Apologies for starting a new thread, but the previous thread with the same subject has been closed.

  • bump.

  • Second that.  Maybe even show the latest total on the pfsense.org home page.  It's something the pfSense team should be very proud of.

  • Now that April is over in the web server's timezone (which is the calendar month we use), the count for April is 167,697 known live installs. Over the past few months it's grown by between 3000-5000 installs per month. April up about 4900 from March. March up 4990 from February. That's unique public IPs that have pulled the bogons file using 'fetch' (so it doesn't count bots crawling it, people downloading it in a browser, etc.).

    At current rates, we'll exceed 200,000 known live installs before the end of 2013.

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