Osnet.eu - respect!

  • Hi,

    First of all I'm totally NOT affiliated in any way with this vendor.
    I have been using pfsense on self-built, cheap, because "used", ibm servers since 3 years, but wanted a small box myself for my home office.

    I just wanted to share my experiences with this particular vendor since I'm really impressed and thought he deserves a positive review and it might be nice to post something after having ordered the 3rd time.

    At first I compared prices of the products from the recommended vendors listed on pfsense.org and found the osnet products quite attractive regarding pricing and from what I needed.

    The first appliance I ordered was for myself: a dual core atom pfsense box with 6 ports. It came in an all metal case with no plastic anywhere and massive cooling ribs. I was impressed how quality looking it was. It's fast, handles all my vpn tunnels with ease and I'm really very very satisfied. Disassembly in less than a minute.

    But I'm equally impressed with the customer support. It's a very nice contact and usually responds to emails in less than 30 minutes!

    Since then I have ordered 2 more - but low cost - appliances for a customer.
    Of course the case of the firewalls was different this time. It didn't have the big cooling ribs as it was just an amd geode, but also all-metal and shockingly good looking :D

    Shipping from France to Austria was very fast as well :)

    I can really recommend him!

    That's it ;)

  • Can you send a link to purchase one? And are there any from the UK?

  • Yes, here it is: http://www.osnet.eu/en/content/firewall-fwa-3030#content
    But I just noticed that I made a mistake. The box doesn't have 7 ports but 6. I mixed that up with the ibm servers I used for a customer, they all had 7. I've edited my first post.

    However there are also pci-e expansion slots available so one could upgrade it with a different case then. Or add any other cards.

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