DansGuardian Setup & Filtering Configuration Help

  • Hi all. Having a bit of an issue with DansGuardian. I'm currently open for any suggestion and changes so I'll try whatever to get this working. I've setup pfSense on occasions before for friends and for businesses with no problems, but I've not had to use the content filtering - this is my first time. The reason for it is to block porn access.

    Modem from ISP -> PFSENSE Box -> Switch

    pfSense is doing DHCP and acting as router. Modem has wifi capabilities. DansGuardian was installed for content filtering.

    There is a program which interfaces with a site to manage photos. Used NETSTAT to find the addresses and added them to the exceptions list so that access is allowed. Also placed the IP of the PCs doing the editing to the IP exception list. The program originally would not upload any pictures but does so now. The problem is that it does not retrieve any of the uploaded pictures - shows as blank and has to be done over from scratch each time.

    Doing this directly connected to the modem (wired or wireless) the program works correctly.

    I have to be doing the work remotely and I can't change things as readily as I'd like. I've disabled Dans but Squid was still up which is hard for me to configure based on not being there physically.

    Can I set some MACs/IPs to not go through squid?

    I can post the config here later on if required. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • Well a lot of porn sites will get past the porn blacklists from the default lists, I use Blacklists from Squidblacklist.org and the porn blacklist from them is much stronger.  8)

  • Many thanks for that @freeMox. I didn't turn on notifications for the thread, so I'm just coming back to see it.

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