Pfsense 2.1 and Squid - Squid stops loging

  • So I have 2.1 and Squid 3. YEsterday I noticed that it was not loggin at all. I decided to play around and ended up removing the package, installing squid2 (which was not logging either), removed squid2 and installed squid3 again and it all of the sudden started working I changed the logrotate and it stopped I cant make it log again..not even if I try the previous procedure.. I dont see any error messages and it logs everything that it is ran within pfsense box.. I cant get rid of the previous logs because I captured important information but I need to continue loggin to have a strong case..Any help will be appreciated


  • so if I have squid3 and regular squid installed at the same time, logging works..AGHHH frustratin

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