Its impossible?

  • Hi!!

    I think in this moment that i want to do its impossible. I mean.

    I need to do a VPN between some smartphones, iPads and a Lan with a router in the middle. After this router with SPI is the Pfsense(OpenVPN)

    The Wan port por of the router is the conection to Internet. For example 77.27.XXX.XXX/22
    The network between the router and the pFsense is // Port1 of the router and Wan port of pfSense is
    Port Lan of pfSense is

    Its possible or impossible?

    Sorry for my english, but i write them from Spain.

    Thank you so much.

  • Why you don't use pfSense as router too?  He's perfectly capable of that besides firewall.

  • Maybe I don't understand what you need?
    On the front router, port forward the port/s you need for a VPN server (e.g. 1194) from to - then pfSense can be the VPN server listening at and provide access to the LAN
    If it is more complicated than this, then post in one of the VPN forum categories including a network diagram and you'll get good help.

  • Hi again!!

    This is the diagram of my lab.

    The pfSense is the Vpn Server with OpenVPN.


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