Linksys E4200 Guest Wireless

  • I have configured my pfsense box as my primary box (DHCP)and turned my E4200 into an access point for wireless connections.

    I am able to connect to my wireless profile and get an IP from pfsense DHCP box and go out to the internet with no problem.

    When I try and go on my guest wireless profile 192.168.33.*…. whatever.. it does not like that.. I cannot access anything on the internet..obviously because I am on a different network (Vlan).. that is setup on my E4200... but is there a way of setting that up to work with pfsense..?

    So that even if I am in my guest network I can access the internet with no problem...??

  • Netgate Administrator

    You will need to add a VLAN interface on the pfSense box with the correct vlan tag number and add a dhcp server instance on that interface. Then add appropriate firewall rules to allow traffic on that interface to go out to the internet.


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