Dell R710: Cant find RAID1 volume during install

  • Hi Guys

    We are replacing our current pfSense install with a Dell R710 but the installer cant seem to find any HDD. We have 2x146GB drives in a RAID1 set, with 1 logical volume - but pfSense report that it cant find any usable HDD to install on.

    "The installer could not find any disks suitable for installation(IDE or SCSI) attached to this computer. If you wish to install pfSEnse on an unorthodox storage device, you will have to exit to a LiveCD command prompt and install it manually, using the file /README as a guide."

    Im using "pfSense-LiveCD-2.0.2-RELEASE-amd64-20121207-2239.iso"

    I have searched the forums but couldn't find any help. And i cant find the mentioned /README

    Who can help  ???

    Best regards,

  • TRy setting the raid controller in pass through and using gMirror part of pfsense. Otherwise, the raid controller is too new for pfsense (freebsd 8.1 in the case of pfsense 2.0.2). You could try 2.1 to see if the drivers are in there. Otherwise search the internet for installing freebsd 8.1 on a dell r710.