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  • //Hi,
    //Thank you for your email. pfsense 2.01 is currently not listed as one of the supported devices by Firewall Analyzer. If you could help us with some sample logs from that device, I //can check with my engineers about the feasibility in supporting it.
    //We assure you that the log files would be kept confidential. You can zip the sample log files and upload in the following link:

    After the above messages, i sent some syslog file. Then came the following message.

    //Hi Serkan,
    //Our engineers have started working on the possibility to support pfsense 2.01 logs, but please send me the log reference guide for this device model.
    //This will enable our engineers to work on your feature request in a swift manner.
    //Assuring our best support at all times,
    //Thank you and best regards,
    //Firewall Analyzer support
    //Toll Free: +1 888 720 9500
    //[ We are ZOHO Corporation, with 3 divisions: Web NMS, ManageEngine &  ]
    //Vote for Firewall Analyzer

    What log reference guide for this device model ?


  • I would ask them what exactly does the "log" have in it? Are they looking for a configuration file similar to Cisco's? Or are they looking for firewall log, system logs, or maybe a packet capture? They need to be specific as to what is in the log.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The logs would be approximately the same as pf on OpenBSD, since we use pf as the packet filter in pfSense.

    They would probably find more references looking for that.

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