Vlan Routing Question

  • Is it possible to use vlan's between 2 seperate sites.
    Eg SITE A & SITE B have 2 vlans (one for data & one for voice)

    The sites will be connected via IPsec. Site A has vlan2 (data) & vlan3 (voice) and SITE B has vlan2 (data) & vlan3 (voice)
    Am I better to connect these via 2 IPsec tunnels (one for each vlan) or can I connect them via one tunnel and use the vlans to route appropriately?
    Does it matter if the vlans at each site are different? eg SITE A has vlans 2,3 and SITE B has vlans 4,5

  • VLAN IDs are site-specific. You can route between them with multiple phase 2s on IPsec.

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