Squidguard - configuration help

  • Hi,

    I have setup squidguard together with blacklist downloaded from their website.

    I have tested the blacklist on 2 categories - search engines and shopping websites. I have tried websites like google and yahoo which work well. Ebay also works well but Amazon is giving me problems since the homepage is not coming up correctly - the pictures which they have on their homepage come up blank. I have enabled the advertisements category from squidguard but still no luck.

    When I type a website which is not allowed (blacklisted), it does not come up (obviously since it is blacklisted) but instead of showing me an error such as website blocked, it gives me the below error:

    The proxy server is refusing connections

    I appreciate your help thank you

  • have you checked your pc's internet options (lan settings) to make sure "use proxy" is disabled?

  • But in such case I want to make use of a proxy….which is squid

  • In this case I am not using a transparent proxy but local authentication and added users manually. I am doing this for testing purposes to see how things work out. Eventually if I see that everything is working out, then I am going to make use of Active Directory.

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