Dual WAN VPN implementation - suggestions welcome

  • Hi
    I am working on a proposal to install an Asterisk PBX for a client who has two offices currently with a pfSense firewall at each and an IPSEC tunnel.
    The main site has all of the servers and remote site has thin clients connecting over the ipsec vpn.

    I plan to install the asterisk box at the main site but due to the load on the existing internet lines, we will be installing an additional internet line at each site for the voice.
    The multi WAN bit at the main site isn't an issue as I have done that numerous times with voice and data routing down different lines.
    My query is how to register the IP handsets at the remote site to the asterisk box at the main site over separate internet lines?

    Should I set up a separate subnet at each site for the voice network and therefore have two ipsec tunnels - one for the data networks and one for the voice networks?

    Is there another way I am missing?


  • Recent snapshots offer IPsec failover capability (using gateway group), however you might find it better to migrate to OpenVPN and OSPF.

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