OpenVPN client can't access pfSense web management when LAN cable removed.

  • When the LAN interface is physically connected to a switch the OpenVPN clients can access the pfSense web pages and each other without problems.  If I remove the cable from the LAN interface, the OpenVPN clients can not access the pfSense web interface and they can not ping the pfSense box.  The clients can still ping and connect to each other.

    Nothing else is connected to the switch.  The OpenVPN clients are connecting via the OpenVPN server that is listing on the WAN interface.  OpenVPN is bridged to LAN.

    Currently running 2.1-BETA1 (i386) built on Wed Apr 10 06:38:04 EDT 2013, same problem with the previous two BETAs also.

    This has to be something simple but I'm not seeing it.

    Any ideas or suggestions welcome, and thank you in advance.

  • That's how things are supposed to work and always have worked. If a NIC is down, its IP is unreachable. You can get in by the OpenVPN server IP, or the WAN IP or some other IP that's on a live NIC.

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