Antispam packages on pfSense are only if I have one internal SMTP Server?

  • Hi!

    I'm reading a bit of information on the forum and it seems the package "Postfix relay and antispam" it's only useful when I have one internal SMTP server. PfSense will put on the middle of the external possible spamer and my internal smtp server. It's this correct?

    The MailScanner package seems to be one plugin for the "Postfix relay and antispam", isn't it?

    Years ago I used the, wich it's the same but using redirect firewall rules it does the same as a transpared proxy for the web but for POP3 queries.


  • My basic understanding and what I setup the other day, it seems to be working:

    The package "Postfix Forwarder" will relay and do basic checks, this seems to stop a lot of spam. Under the "Domain" tab you can set the server for a given domain.
    I'm not sure what would happen if you set two servers for the same domain. Maybe someone with more insight can reply.

    The "mailscanner-dev" package needs Postfix to function. I have used this in Linux and know that there is a lot that you can do with this. Currently I have it disabled on this pfSense install as I am testing the effectiveness of Postfix and pfBlocker

    I have found that using "pfBlocker" package to deny access for the "Top Spammers" has helped a lot on several systems.

    I am running 2.0.2 on this firewall.

  • Hi!, thx for answer.

    First note. the 12th of April it was release the 2.0.3-RELEASE, so you could update it now if you're using the 2.0.2

    I looked for a little of documentation of the package.

    What I want to know if it's the antispam packages only work if I have ONE internal SMTP server. Graphically:

    Internet –- pfSense Firewall ---- Internal SMTP Server ---- Users connecting to his email in the Local Mail Server

    Or if it processeses the emails which are traversing the pfSense box as this example:

    External SMTP Server --- Internet ---- pfSense --- User connecting to it's external mail

    You're telling something about the "Domain" tab so it seems to be only usable if I has an internal SMTP server, forwarding the mails sent from external sites to the internal smtp server.

  • It seems it's only usable as a forwarder of mails sent from external (WAN) to one internal SMTP Server:

    Postfix forwarder package at pfSense is a MTA configured to be a part of a full antispam mechanism. No local accounts are configured in this package, all messages are received, filtered and forwarded to your internal mail server.

    Sorry for bugging.

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