• we have 30+ remote sites. our network provider wants to divide up our pipe to each site with a vlan for voip and one for data (2 for each site)
    however, they want to have an entirely different vlan on each site eg site A have vlan 1 & 2, site B has vlan 3 & 4, site C has vlan 5 & 6
    now, multiply this by 30 sites and you end up with 60 vlans on the central headquarter site.
    is this excessive? has anybody seen this before? i alway thought that you would have a vlan for data eg vlan3 and it would be that on each site, not entirely different on each.

  • Netgate Administrator

    It's a lot but it's not that unusual. I've never dealt with that myself but there have been reports of large numbers of VLANs working without an issue, some much larger numbers. It would make it much easier to apply individual filtering but it does mean you'll have to route between all them which might use a lot of resources.


  • Maybe your provider wants to add their own VLan tag to your traffic and but leave your Ethernet frame in tact. This is called QinQ. Sounds like they are dividing your traffic up for you so that you can have CoS. We do this at Comcast for our Metro Ethernet Service.

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