DNS Not resolving

  • Hi, I have a problem with my pfsense, i configure my pfsense. Now when i connect a client machine and set the default gateway for the pf sense, the client machine does not connect to the internet and gives me an error "Cannot resolve DNS". Where would i have gone wrong? Help :(

  • What DNS server are you using? If you are using pfSense, did you setup DNS servers in the System -> General Setup?

  • I installed the updated version on my VMWare server.

    My DNS resolution is going in and out.  It is incredibly frustrating.  I see no errors, I just start getting DNS resolution failures.  After a few minutes it fixes itself, but I think there is something seriously wrong with this new release.

  • What version are you running now. 2.0.3? I have been running it without issue since its release and 2.0.2 since its release and never had a problem with DNS.
    Are you using DNS servers from your ISP or perhaps google or the like?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Random guess: If any of you had the OpenVPN tap fix package installed, it didn't work properly on 2.0.3 (until the version I just uploaded), so if you had a tap VPN with a blank tunnel network, it was really misrouting most of the internet causing traffic to fail.

    If that was in use on your system, remove the package and install it again, and it should be OK again.

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