Tunnel Broker with 2.0.3?

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    I'm all mixed up. Can we use a tunnel broker for IPv6 connectivity with 2.0.3 or are we still missing some functionality that is only available with 2.1? I ask because it looks like 2.0.3 does support protocol 41 and GIF interfaces are available for configuration on the interfaces page. Thanks

    Yes I know the 2.1 alpha is available, but please don't tell me to just use that. No matter how "Stable" its claimed to be, its never good practice to run alpha firewall software in a production environment so don't ask!

  • Ok so I'm stupid…

    Only goes up to /32 ie no IPv6 support…....... SIGH... come on pfSense. 2.1 Please

    Comments welcome if I'm still missing something here...

  • Aren't IPv6 tunnel endpoints IPv4 addresses?

  • Yes you do provide the IPv4 endpoint for your tunnel broker in the gif remote address field. The tunnel remote and local address corresponds (at least in 2.1) to your local and remote IPv6 end addresses.

  • Then why are you trying to put IPv6 IPs there?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    IPv6 support is only available on 2.1.

    2.1 is not "alpha" it's BETA1, and nearly a release candidate at this stage.

    If you need IPv6, use 2.1. You may not like it, but that's the answer.

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