Strange IGMP Proxy issue.

  • Hi All,

    I have a real wierd problem with the IGMP proxy.
    When i start the IGMP proxy service everything works perfect. I can switch between all my channels etc.
    BUT after around 5-10 min the channels starts to drop of and turn black. The channel i am on keeps working bur more or less half the outher channels dies. For examlpe if i am on channel 4 it will keep working and for example channel 7 keep working but channel 5 and 3 goes black.

    If i am on channel 5 when it starts to go bad channel 5 and 3 will keep working but 4 and 7 will go black.

    *edit after a couple of hours all channels exept two or tree turns black

    A few channels works nonstop.

    If i restart the igmpproxy service all channels work again for about 10 mins.

    I have been sitting with this now for two weeks and i dont know what more to do. Does anyone have a clue?

    Best regards

  • Netgate Administrator

    I assume from your mention of 'channels' that you are using some sort of IPTV multicast/broadcast setup?
    More details please.


  • Yes i have IPTV stream going into wan inteface. DHCP on the Lan interface.
    I have disabled the firewall in pfsense. becouse the only feuture i want atm is to get IPTV multicast streams from wan interface over to Lan interface and DHCP to internal net.

    I have a second IGMP proxy setup in the net so i just need the multicast to travel between the nics on the pfsense box.
    Maybee there are a better way to do it than the igmp proxy?

    Its very frustrating Becouse it works perfect for about 10 min..

  • I seems to have the exact same error as this guy.,49401.msg261926.html#msg261926

    Same type of logs same behavior.

    I also noticed that when it woks igmpproxy and syslogd runs at about 30-40% cpu when it stops working those services drop to under 1%

    Please anyone i realy need this to work.

  • I have the exact same symptoms. I would really appreciate help/comments on the issue.

    It's frustrating to be booting igmpproxy all the time…

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