Youtube streams EXTREMELY slow

  • I have a pretty bare pfsense box

    HAVP, Squid  cache, and an OpenVPN setup. (No users but myself when I am remote)

    Yet, even streaming a 480p video in youtube is terribly slow!

    Anyone have a cause or way to fix it? :S

    HAVP proxy is parent for squid with max file scan size of 5000K

    Squid proxy is transparent with options:

    never_direct allow all;cache_peer parent 3125 0 name=havp no-query no-digest no-netdb-exchange default;

    AND 51200M cache with maximum object size of 1048576KB

    EDIT: I uninstalled squid and HAVp and now it is extremely quick. however, it upsets me that I cannot have my old setup :S

  • Netgate Administrator


    it upsets me that I cannot have my old setup :S

    You mean you upgraded your box from a previously working setup or something else?


  • HAVP always gave me trouble with youtube.  IIRC I added to the exception list for HVAP and everything has been fine ever since.

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