Transform two pfSense routers into one

  • Hello,
    I've been using pfSense for the last year without any problems in the following way:

    • router A with "Disable all packet filtering" ON; it gets on WAN one IP from the ISP (83.x.x.x/26) and on LAN a class of 8 external IPs (85.x.x.x/29) that I'm using for 2 web servers and router B.
    • router B gets in WAN one external IP from router A and is the LAN router.

    In the near future I'll add a second ISP provider as a failover for router B only.

    Is it possible get the same functions with only one pfSense instalation?

  • I would think so. It sounds like normal use case for pfSense.

  • Hi,
    Can you give me some hints on how to set it up? The first thing I do on router A is check "Disable all packet filtering". From my understanding this disables NAT and NAT is needed for LAN (the function of router B).

  • That is true, but, you can use manual outbound nat to remove the rules auto created for the one that does not need NAT. It would just route those connections since they are internet route-able. The other interface would NAT since there are rules to do so.

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