Kern.maxfiles limit exceeded by uid 62 please see tuning(7)

  • I'm using pfSense 2.0.3-RELEASE (i386), error is displayed when there are a few users to connect.

    kern.maxfiles limit exceeded by uid 62 please see tuning(7)

    What causes problems? How to solve the problem?

  • Nobody can help?

  • Well, the error message is pretty much self-explanatory. Are you running some package that opens many files (e.g. squid) ?

    On my system, uid 62 is proxy. You can check which process(es) are responsible, by running the following command on CLI
    ps aux|fgrep proxy

    The obvious solution would be to increase kern.maxfiles, by going to webGUI System -> Advanced -> System Tunables, assuming your system has enough RAM to handle it.

    PS: Although many pfSense users run the squid package, my opinion is that if you have more than a few (~20) users it'd be best both for security and performance/reliability reasons to use an external caching proxy, appropriately sized & tuned (fs + kernel).

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