I am new to this so sorry if this question has been asked already…

  • Hi I am looking into building my own router…. I am very familiar with networking and LAN connections. However how is everyone connecting to the internet (broadband connection) my guess is through a cable/ DSL/ FiOS modem? I would like to eliminate the modem and connect the broadband to just the router. then out the router to my LAN. I wanted to use multi-port ethernet adapters as well as a high powered wireless card for the LAN side. I started to look into the broadband side however, there is not much out there in the way of PCI card based Broadband adapters. If you do use a cable/ DSL/ FiOS modem, doesn't that slow down the connection or am I mistaken here...... Just curious and want to get started building something.

  • You are mistaken. If your service is cable/ DSL/ FiOS then some sort of "modem" is required and IMHO a PCI based "modem" is not a good choice assuming you can even find one, and on top of that one supported by pfsense.

  • cool thanks…. I was just curious because I had a router with an integrated DSL port on one side and ethernet ports on the other. Which eliminated the DSL modem completely. It was pretty nice to have only 1 device.... but i guess what you are saying makes sense if you had a 75Mb interconnection and a 1000Mb ethernet card in the pf sense router, the pf sense router wouldn't be the slowest point.

  • That device does not eliminate the "modem" completely. The "modem" is just internal to the device.

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    It is possible to get DSL modem PCI cards, though they are in reality simply a dsl router in bridge mode on a PCI card. You could get cable modem PCI cards (can you still?). However almost no-one will recommend you do this. The choice is very limited and in the event of a power surge or lightning strike it's likely to take out your whole expensive box.


  • maybe something like this would do the job for you:

    I am using them in some of my setups with Pfsense on fireboxes and it just works!  ;D

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