Latency of one WAN impacting other?

  • I thought I saw a similar post before but can't find it now. :/

    Anyone with multiwan ever see one cause the other to slow?

    I have a ADSL2 line and a cable modem line. If I max out the cable modem and it results in high ping (which is expected to happen) the ping on my other WAN goes high causing the load balancer to go nuts of course because high latency.

    I have both pinging the first hop from my modem to the ISP.. When I peg my WAN2 the WAN1 latency reported seems to increase too but is pinging another IP for that modems gateway. What gives? different physical nics and modems etc. Oddly enough my default gateway is WAN1 ADSL so I would think even if they both for some reason routed the pings out the wrong WAN it would be WAN1 which isn't pegged lol

  • What's your CPU usage when this happens?

  • Few %.. It's a Dual core 3.0Ghz system so I wouldn't expect my 20mb cable line to cause issues with the 18mb dsl line. Also has 2gb RAM.

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