My Pfsense Router HP t5710 1,2Ghz Transmeta 8600

  • Hello @all,

    my Pfsense Router is now running.
    I use a hp t5710 with 1,2Ghz Transmeta 8600, 1GB CF Card und 256MB RAM (RAM Upgrade is the next one).
    The build in LAN is working. The Second LAN is a USB LAN Adapter.
    The Router run very good.

    This is important to disable ACPI Error Messages all the time.

    It use 8 - 12 VA watt.

    I'm looking for a Wlan PCI or USB WLAN Stick wich Support AP Mode.

    How know this card/stick ?

    thank you

  • Netgate Administrator

  • I think the preferred way to get wireless at this point is to just use an external access point and connect it to pfSense using wired ethernet. 802.11n basically does not work at all in FreeBSD 8 (on which pfSense is based), and there appear to be lots of issues even in 802.11g mode. I currently have an Atheros card (which is the most "green" in that spreadsheet) in my router, and it's leaking mbufs left and right, so I have to reboot every other day (which is fine since I'm tracking the 2.1 snapshots anyway, but still kind of ridiculous). There's apparently been a good bit of work recently on the FreeBSD 802.11 stack, but all of that is only going to appear in 10-RELEASE at the earliest, and so won't show up in pfSense in a good long while.

  • If you're going for an external AP, I'd recommend a Ubiquiti Unifi.  Read Amazon reviews… Good stuff

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