Cant create more then one subnet (DHCP Works but cant pint to or from others)

  • So at my school they are basiclly giving me a blank slate and all the old network hardware they just switched out of the computer labs (Along with the computers) So i thought, why not make a giant lan party in the tech room! and what will be powring the whole thing? a pfsense router, but i am having some problems…

    here is a diagram

    To all who may be asking, yes ive enabled RIP v2, and yes ive basiclly opend the rules compleetly. And im shur its not a problem with the computers. Any help?

  • Sorry, I don't understand what the problem is. I have successfully created more than 4 subnets on one of my pfSense boxes.

    Perhaps you mean you have a problem accessing computers on other subnets in some cases. If that is the case it is probably because you have not created firewall rules to allow the access. When you configured pfSense you probably designated one interface as WAN, one as LAN. These are treated specially in pfSense. The default firewall rules allow any access from computers connected to the LAN interface and block all unsolicited access from computers on the other interfaces.

  • no no, ive basiclly created compleetly open rules for all the subnets. i just cant Ping to or from those subnets

  • @pmiccich:

    i just cant Ping to or from those subnets

    More details please:
    1. What does ping report?
    2. ping from where? to where?
    3. What is the scope of the problem? The default firewall rules allow a system on the LAN interface to access anywhere. So, on one particular system connected to the LAN interface what is reported by ping when you attempt to ping an online system on each of the other subnets?

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