Limiter and p2p

  • Hi, I have seted up a limiter (upload/download) for an alias with some client ips. The limiter works correctly for browsing speeds and downloads. The problem is that when these clients use p2p, even without encryption, the speeds exceed the limiter values. How this happens? Also even though i have seted up both traffic shapper or layer 7 with blocks and limits p2p continues to get quite all the speed.
    Apart blocking everything than common ports through proxy is there any other solution? Why the limiter does not limit the speeds when it comes to p2p?


  • Try this:,59224.msg318089.html#msg318089
    That should work. Pay attention to the limiter masks (as seen in the images).

  • That did the job! Thank you very much  8)

    I had the limiter configuration from a guide, on the LAN side of the firewall not on floating



    Maybe i spoke too early.. torrent speeds maybe a bit slower but exceed the limiter speeds again and the network is laggy..pings to the stars :s
    don't know what else to do!

  • Note that the limiter limits the traffic per IP. So multiple IP's can use a multiple of the traffic.
    Eg: if the limiter is set to 400Kbit/s then two people (with different IP's) can use 400Kbit/s EACH, eg 800Kbit/s overall.
    Maybe that is the issue?

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