Gateway in DHCP Server Doesn't Use Default Setting (Bug #2518)

  • Hi,

    this Bug seems to reappear. After update to the specified version, I get no Standard-GW via the dhcpd, if I don´t specify one in the Gateway field.

    See here:

    Anybody else with this problem?


    Version: 2.1-BETA1 (i386) built on Thu Apr 18 03:47:25 EDT 2013 FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE-p7 (Alix-Board)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It looks like that can happen if you have no IPv4 gateways defined in System > Routing.

    If you have gateways there, edit/save them each to make sure they have the proper address family indicated (IPv4 vs. IPv6)

  • Thx, for you reply!

    But maybe, there is an misunderstanding or I did not understand… ;-) I think the GWs in "System > Routing" have nothing to do with this problem.

    It´s about the DHCP Server "Services > DHCP Server". I have three Networks. Before the update, I left the Gateway field blank.

    The default is to use the IP on this interface of the firewall as the gateway. Specify an alternate gateway here if this is not the correct gateway for your network.

    After the update, devices did not get a standard-gateway via dhcp. So, I had to put the interfaces IP to the Gateway-field to get dhcp working.


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