3 interface bridge?

  • Right now I have lan and opt1 bridged, the internal wired net and wireless, so I can simply move machines without changing address and without losing connections. (what? that scp will take how long? hang on….)

    I want to switch my router to have 2 wireless (11g and 11a) and one internal wired net, in addition to the WAN uplink, and bridge all the non-WAN interfaces together.

    This appears to not be possible, unless I'm missing something. Am I?

  • you can bridge only 2 interfaces.

  • So the system has an onboard ethernet, 802.11a PCI and 802.11g PCI (plus usb ethernet for uplink); when I bridged g+ethernet and then set up a as a different range with different dynamics, the dhcp server wanted to serve a single range of dynamics on both interfaces (the g/eth bridge, and the a), which of course resulted in nonroutable addresses on one of the nets.

    While reconfiguring I inadvertantly bridged the a net to the g/eth net. It works, including over a reboot. Beats the heck out of me. But it's been working for over a month.

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