P3Scan for POP3 transparent proxy with AntiSpam and Antivirus. Loop error

  • I know time ago the user of this forum dvserg was trying to create a package for pfSense of p3Scan.

    I'm trying to run p3scan locally on the pfSense box and after configuring all and adding the NAT rule I got this error when I try to download something from an Email client.

    I donwloaded the p3scan port from the official freebsd 8.1 packages.

    14:28:26 p3scan[40276]: Forked, pid=53701, numprocs=1
    14:28:26 p3scan[53701]: setting the virusdir to /var/spool/p3scan/children/53701/
    14:28:26 p3scan[53701]: Initialize Context
    14:28:26 p3scan[53701]: starting proxy
    14:28:26 p3scan[53701]: ERR: Oops, that would loop!
    14:28:26 p3scan[53701]: Session done (Critical abort). Mails: 0 Bytes: 0
    14:28:26 p3scan[53701]: do_sigterm_proxy, signal -1
    14:28:26 p3scan[53701]: Uninit context
    14:28:26 p3scan[53701]: context_uninit done, exiting now
    14:28:26 p3scan[40276]: waitpid: child 53701 died with status 0, numprocs is now 0
    14:28:26 p3scan[40276]: Erasing /var/spool/p3scan/children/53701/ contents
    14:28:26 p3scan[40276]: Removing directory /var/spool/p3scan/children/53701/

    I read something about it could be a bug on the BSD port.

    Someone ran p3scan on a pfSense box without problems ?

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