Simple Routing not working

  • Hi, I can get the standard pfsense config to work with NAT enabled. If I disable NAT (switch to manual and delete the rules) internet on lan computers no longer work, they just time out. I need the router method to work because my lightspeed server needs to see individual ip addresses rather than everyone being on the same wan ip.

    I am using a proxy server on the wan so it may be because it is using port 8080 rather than port 80. Do I need to create a route? gateway setting wrong etc?
    with NAT off using tracert and the route appears correct

    Is there a guide or how to, for what steps are needed to make pfsense work as a basic LAN-WAN Router?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    With NAT disabled, the upstream router needs to have a static route on it that points the LAN subnet back to the WAN address of the firewall.

    Otherwise you'd need a bridged setup, not a routed setup.

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