IGMP spam?

  • Hey!

    Since yesterday according to my rrd Graphs as soon as I turn on my IPTV I have a 5Mbit/s datastream that is getting blocked. I have had this setup for at least six months and I have not seen this traffic before.

    According to my ISP they have done some maintenance on the IPTV services for the last couple of days but said that nothing they had done should affect my problem..

    My internet is connected from the wall  into a switch in wich I have connected my IPTV-modem. I have also connected my pfSense box to the same switch. All IGMP traffic should go to the IPTV-modem and not spam my firewall?

    I'm kinda clueless to networking so if someone could shed some light on why I have this 5Mbit flood (blocked) on my nic that would be great :D

  • That'll happen if that traffic makes it to the firewall. At that point you can either block or pass it, but it's going to show up in your RRDs either way. Whether or not it makes it to your firewall depends on the device its WAN is plugged into. Something on that upstream device must have changed to send out that multicast on all ports rather than just ports that have joined the appropriate group. Whether or not that's configurable or you can do anything to change the behavior, not sure, better chance of finding that out from your provider (if you can get someone with a clue) or a forum of theirs if one exists.

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