WAN Going Offline / arp is using my IP address

  • I am having an issue with my gateway where it will disconnect after about 5 minutes. If I reload the settings on the router the gateway will go back up, but again die shortly after. I took a look at my logs and right before it is going down there is this error. "kernel: arp <mac address="">is using my ip <ip address="">one em1!". I have checked my ARP table and that MAC address is not listed in there. I have searched around but couldn't really find much on what causes the error. Anyone have any thoughts?</ip></mac>

  • That's an IP conflict, the device with the MAC it's listing is using your IP. It won't be in the ARP table since that IP is local and it won't believe whatever the conflicting device is. But your upstream router will. What to do about it depends, if that's something on your network, turn it off or change its IP. If you're plugged straight into your ISP's network, you'll have to contact them about it.

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