HSRP Router with Static Route

  • Hi, I am a first time user of the pfsense firewall, and am attempting to setup a new colocation setup, however I am in a little over my head and need a little guidance.

    I have 2 pfsense boxes and 2 uplinks to my providers routers, I have gotten CARP working between the boxes, however the routing and ip configuration on the WAN ports have me a bit confused and I have not successfully connected to an external networks.

    I have received the following information from my provider:

    "My understanding, from what xxx has relayed to me, is that you will be taking our two Internet ports and connecting them to two router interfaces in your rack. On the two internet ports will will configure IPv4 and IPv6 point to point subnet with HSRP between our two routers, then statically route you the /25 IPv4 and /48 IPv6 over to your HSRP IP address."

    and they provided the following details:

    "Access Details (IPv4)
    Point-to-Point Network: xx.xx.201.144/29
    Provider Edge (VRRP/HSRP): xx.xx.201.145
    Provider Edge 1: xx.xx.201.146
    Provider Edge 2: xx.xx.201.147
    Customer Edge (VRRP/HSRP): xx.xx.201.148
    Customer Edge 1: xx.xx.201.149
    Customer Edge 2: xx.xx.201.150

    Routed Subnet: xx.xx.202.0/25"

    What setup should I be putting into the WAN interface on Node1, Node2 and VIP. What Gateway should I be using. What configuration for the static route should I be adding.

    Any assistance would be highly appreciated.


  • Turns out that:

    1. It is not hard, and I did know what I was doing
    2. the ports had not been configured correctly or there was some patching issue.

    Sigh, so many wasted hours :)

    Thanks anyway

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