IPSEC P2P advice needed

  • Hello,

    Please accept my apologies in advance if I seem pretty dumb as I am not up on VPN methods but I would like some advice/pointers on setting up a point to point connection between two PFSense boxes.
    For the last two days I have been trying to get a connection between two locations working, however, I have managed to establish a tunnel between two locations but I can not get any traffic over them.

    I have searched and read this forum in addition to reading howto documents from PFsense but I just can't seem to get this to work. I have also tried OpenVPN which connected and I could ping devices but not hostnames. I think some of the issues I am having is due to firewall rules/routing/subnets which is where it begins to lose me and I think the issues I had with OpenVPN was with DNS forwarders.

    In a ideal setup, I am looking to establish a link between the two locations and I need to be able to ping hostnames. Any pointers would be really appreaciated.

    Location 01:

    Dynamic IP from ISP resolved by xxxxxx.DynDNS.org
    Pfsense 2.1 (Couldnt get NIC's working in stable releases)
    Pfsense box
    (this location has a poor upload speed so I figure UDP with compression?)

    Location 02:

    Dynamic IP from ISP resolved by xxxxxx.DynDNS.org
    PFsense 2.0.3
    Pfsense Box

    I've currently re-installed both boxes and just set up the WAN/LAN ports.



  • I have now managed to get what I can assume is a stable connection between both locations using IPSEC..

    I am just a bit lost how to resolve remote hostnames.

    I have added a remote device on location 2 to a computer on location 1 hosts file and I now can ping across the IPSEC tunnel to that device.

    I am guessing I now need to look at some sort of DNS that will resolve hostnames automatically and accessable from both locations as adding hostnames will be a bit of a pain.

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