MultiWAN on DHCP assigned ip addresses

  • Hello all

    I am new here on the forum, but know my way around Networks.

    I have a fairly difficult problem to solve.

    Basically my ISP only allows trafic on interfaces that has successfully requested an address by means of dhcp.

    and I subscribe for 5 ips, which naturally means I have 5 ips that I can reserve (all public ofcourse).

    my problem is this, all of these ips are on the same subnet, but I wish to use them on my pfsense, and then let pfsense handle what traffic goes where.

    is there no way I can achieve this with my current isp?

    best regards.

  • I'm attempting to complete the same setup and from what I've gathered as long as these IPs share the same gateway we're going to run in to issues :\

    Some suggestions I've seen including putting one WAN on an old Linksys DMZ for the NAT.

  • Yes I did something similar, but I am very unhappy with the setup.

    twice times nat, just dont sit well with me

  • This is possible with 1:1 NATing.

    I have a /29 range of IP addresses but they're static.  If you're going to get the same range of 5 public IP addresses from your ISP you should be fine.  If not there's no practical way to re-map a new address range to the routes you've already established.

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