Whitelist in SquidGuard not working

  • So I would like to add exceptions to SquidGuard.  For example, I'd like to exclude certain specific domains or URL's because even if SquidGuard detects keywords that I am asking it to block, I know the website is not malicious and does not need blocking.  A good example is the website of my credit card provider which gets blocked because of "blk_BL_adv".

    Under "Target Categories", I have created a new list, and under "Domain List" I have added the URL of the site I want to be excluded from SG.  Then I Saved and went to "Common ACL", expanded the Target rules list, and selected "Allow" next to my target category list.  I saved, clicked Apply on the main page of SG, but its not working.  The website still gets blocked based on "blk_BL_adv".

    What have I missed???

  • You must select 'white', and this is rule also need for each ACL.

  • Very good dvserg !  I thought it was "Allow" but "Whitelist" did it!


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