NanoBSD - expanding 1GB working image to 4GB?

  • I have an Alix 2D13 which came with a 4GB SD card already preconfigured with pfS 2.0.1.  Even though the card is 4GB pfS reports itself as the 1GB image.

    I believe I am right in thinking that this means I have 3 slices within 1GB? (0 and 1 about 450MB and cf 50MB)

    If this is the case is it possible to expand this to fill the 4GB space? (Presume 0 and 1 about 1.9GB each and cf 200MB?)

    Can I expand it from within current cf card or would I have to save config and start again with new image - then restore config?

    Apart from general interest I presume this would allow large space to save RRD data etc and potentially add some more packages? (Although I currently am only using 42% of 0 and 2% of cf)

    FINAL Question:  df -h shows pfsense0 and cf as they are mounted - but is there any way to show unmounted partitions? (Sorry, newbie to BSD - learning slowly…)


  • Netgate Administrator

    You cannot expand it to fill the card, at least not at all easily. It's relatively easy to load up the 4GB image and restore the config though.
    However there is very little point in doing so. It's very unlikely you'll run out of space in the 1GB image. The RRD data is stored in the config (50MB) partition and I think that is the same size in the 4GB image. I'd have to check that. The RRD data does not grow in size though, that's the primary feature of it.


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