Snort pkg version 2.5.6 – Change Log

  • An update for the Snort GUI package to version 2.5.6 has been posted.  This update contains the following fixes/changes –

    1.  The Snort init script ( was changed to make the restart of Snort and Barnyard2 more reliable following automatic rule updates.  Some users were reporting issues with Snort not restarting following overnight rule updates, but then could subsequently be manually started with no issues.

    2.  An HTML formatting error was corrected that caused the Log Size Limit setting value on the Global Settings tab to appear blank.  The value was actually present and was being saved in the config file, but it did not display correctly due to some missing HTML tag closures.

    3.  Both Snort and Barnyard2 are now configured to log the YEAR in their timestamps.


  • Again, thank you for all your hard work and bug fixing!
    Updating from old version to the new one worked (again) without any problems!

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