Problem after routing another network from pfSense

  • Hello all,

    I've a problem that is driving me crazy  : ???

    I have a pfSense box (pfSense 1) managing my internet conection and i needed to add a subnet that is isolated from my LAN (from the new subnet to my LAN) so i installed a new pfSense box. I didn't connected it to the existing box because i need high bandwith between the 2 nets and i purchased a small server (Xeon  E31220 @ 3.10GHz) to accomplish this.

    This box (pfSense 2) is connected to my lan (by the LAN interface) and in the WAN are connected the servers in the other subnet.

    I created a gateway entry in pfSense 1 to the new subnet ( and a static rule to it via that is the pfSense 2 LAN interface.

    What i want to do is somekind of DMZ.

    The problem is that connecting from original LAN to new sublan (the one in the WAN pfSense 2 interface) is generally very slow. I say generally because one computer in my LAN works well (i get about 1Gbit/sec), but most of other computers only gets 60Kbit/s.

    (All this is what i picture you in schema A)

    So then, i moved the server from the new sublan to my main LAN, and it works fine with all computers.

    It gives me slow throughput by example by SCP a file (it gives me an STALLED error) and by run iperf (if helps, in UDP mode, it triggers an errir "read failed: Connection refused")

    I've tried the "Bypass firewall rules for traffic on the same interface" and even disabled "Disable all packet filtering" (just for trying)

    Can you help me?



    **** SCHEMATIC A **** Traffic from a PC in the Switch LAN to Server A slow  .10.1/27  1.157/21  
    [Server A]–------[pfSense 2]–------[Switch]–------[pfSense 1]–------{ISP}
                    (WAN)    (LAN)          |          (LAN)    (WAN)
                                  [PCs & other devices]

    • pfSense 1:
      Gateway to via

    **** SCHEMATIC B **** Traffic from a PC in the LAN to Server A (also in the LAN) rigth    
    [Server A]–-------[Switch]–------[pfSense 1]–------{ISP}
                          |          (LAN)    (WAN)
                  [PCs & other devices]

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