Simple Newbie question on multi wan

  • HI All
    New to the forum.

    In multi-wan , can I use multiple gateways on the same IP class using a single PFSENSE interface , rather than use multiple phisical interfaces on the hardware devices ??

    (i.e. :
    Pfsense wan=   
    Router3=  )


  • pfsense does not support multi-wan with gateway within the same subnet

    an option would be to apply vlans to your wan-interface and use vlan-capable switch where you connect your modem/routers to. Do note that you'd still have to use seperate subnets for each wan

  • Hi,

    I'm facing kinda the same problem, with the difference that my routers are on different subnets, but can only be accessed through the same interface (I can't change this configuration).

    My routers are connected on my interface 0, tagged vlan 1000.

    My first idea was to have 3 interfaces, one on each network, but this is not possible. Pfsense doesn't let me create multiple interface tagged on the same vlan.

    Do you have an idea what could be the solution with that network configuration ?


  • Hi,

    As stated in the original reply, as long as your firewall is patched into a VLAN-capable switch, you can create a separate VLAN for each of the networks (eg: VLAN-ID: 1681 =, VLAN-ID: 1682 =, VLAN-ID: 1683 = and bind each VLAN to the same physical interface (eg: bge0). This will create three new interfaces, each bound to the same physical NIC but on separate VLANS. You can then set up your rules and NAT and routes for each of these new interfaces and be able to selectively route to any of the three routers you mentioned.

    You have to be sure the three new VLANS are defined in your switch as well, otherwise your VLAN traffic won't route correctly.

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