PfSense experts from Mumbai area?

  • I'm looking for any experienced/advanced/expert pfSense users from Mumbai, India. If there is anyone on this board that fits the description, I would appreciate your help in coming over to our on-site location and setting up and configuring our firewall. We would be happy to pay for your professional services.

  • Hi friend I am from kerala .you can set it up you dont have any more technical knowledge about like  CISO router .you only pay you time for reading and watching pf related topics

  • @reachrishikh:

    Watch this video on full installation of pfsense! Link –>

    Also search this forum for configuring it on your needs! or

    Take a look at

  • Hey guys, thanks for the replies.

    However, I would like to point out, that I am an application developer from the Windows platform, and have no knowledge of Linux/BSD platforms, system administration, networking, or firewall configuration and security.
    This firewall is meant to be set up on a production server network for our business.
    I really do not have room to experiment and learn this platform by myself, because we need to develop our software and have it up and running on the servers under a deadline. And I'd rather spend my time there in my core competency, meeting the deadline for the software, than try experimenting with a technology I do not fully understand, and possibly opening up more security holes in the process through misconfiguration.

    Which is why, we would appreciate local help from anyone who can come over to our office and help us configure the firewall. Once again, we'd be more than happy to pay for your services.

  • Installation is easy, and once it is installed the web based interface full featured very little linux knowledge needed.

  • reachrishikh

    you can set up pfsense with help of youtube .search how to in youtube ,if trouble occurs post in forum

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