How to redirect some website to pfsense local squid proxy?

  • Hello all,

    I want to proxy some web like frienster and some antivirus update, windows update etc etc.
    I try add some address to Alias "cacheme"
    but i can't portforward to transparent squid only the IP adress inside "cacheme Alias"

    for example:

    table <cacheme>{,, }

    rdr on sk0 proto tcp from to <cacheme>port 80
      -> port 3128

    How to do it in pfsense?


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  • You should post your question in packages.  To redirect only certain traffic to squid proxy you'll need to edit by hand and create an alias that will build your table.  Take a look at this post:,6439.0.html

    (note that squid package was updated since above post so inc file might look a little different now)

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