Alix Rebooting

  • I have an issue where I plug the pfSense/Alix 2D13 into a Dell PowerConnect 3548P switch and the pfSense will become unresponsive and then reboots.  When I connect to the pfSense via serial port to monitor, I see a string of random characters once I plug it into the switch, then the router reboots.  The switch CLI monitoring only shows the port going up and down.  I can replicate this on two new out of the box unconfigured PowerConnect 3548P switches (nothing else plugged in) and I also tried multiple Alix boards.   If I plug the pfSense into an older switch it operates normally.  Currently I have the LAN of the pfSense connected  to an older NetGear switch and then a link the Dell 3548P switch and it is working normally.   Also the pfSense CPU graph shows normal CPU utilization.  ???

  • What version of pfSense do you have loaded on your Alix? Any packages loaded?
    I didn't realize Dell still sold 10/100 switches. I have a four or five year old 3548 sitting on a shelf. I plugged a 2D13 with 2.0.3-release-nano into it just to see, and it works fine. It may be something with the POE- the Alix has non-standard POE support on the ethernet port closest to the power supply. See if you can disable POE on the switch port the Alix is plugged into, or try using vr1 for the LAN for a test.

  • I'm running 2.03, no packages.  We had two 6248P switches that were knocked out by lightning and installed two 3548P as temp units.  Thought the original pfSense took a hit but the new one did the same.  The pfSense was working fine on the 6248P switch.  It may be that the 3548P does not have the same POE intelligence as the 6248P.  I'm going to try building a custom cable by dropping 4,5,7 and 8.

  • I got the same problem with a dell Switch.  Everything will works if you disable the POE from the port.

    Thanks, your post help me find it out!


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