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    A button to disable all/enable all rules in a ruleset in the GUI!

    Looking at the GPLv2 ruleset there is SO many disabled. Enabling them one by one would be very tiresome…

    Could it be made easy?

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    Quoted Bill for the Open Issues.

    Wanted to seperate the two threads :)



    I think we may be narrowing down the list of open issues in the current Snort package version 2.5.6.  Here are items that I am aware of still open.  Actually I think these are all holdovers from the 2.5.5 package.  I have working fixes for these in my current test environment.  I just want to be sure I've caught everything major before I push out a 2.5.7 package update.


    1.  Snort not saving edits to the Rules Update and Remove Blocked Offenders cron jobs.

    2.  Snapshot updates on 2.1-BETA systems do not fully complete the Snort rules update post-upgrade and Snort does not start until a manual rules update is performed.

    3.  Snort not auto-starting after a package reinstall with prior saved settings.

    Did I miss any big ones in my list?  I wanted to double-check and see if anything else was lurking out there before pushing another update.


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