RA annouce the fe80 addr

  • I've set up a 2.1 for a while using IPv6. I've updated two days ago the PfSense Box. IPv6 is not working anymore on the work stations.

    I'm using RA service (no DHCPv6) on the pfsense box.
    The workstation in the Lan receive the correct IPv6 but the gateway is now the fe80:: adresse of the Tunnel interface.

    So, all interfaces of the pfsense box have correct fix ipv6 adress. The iupv6 hurricane electric remote gateway is correctly configured and successfully pinged from the pfsense box. The dynamic DNS for hurricane electric seems working well.
    Workstations receives correct IPv6 range from RA service.

    The problem is :
    The RA service use ipv6 link-local adress of the gateway instead of the publicly accessible ipv6 adress.

    I've updated the pfsense box to the last 2.1 dev version (http://snapshots.pfsense.org/FreeBSD_RELENG_8_3/i386/pfSense_HEAD/.updaters) but problem is still the same.

    I don't know where I can change the ipv6 adress used by RA service.

  • It seems that it's not a problem. The problem was routing in the pfsense box. Re-save the gateway config and apply changes re-establish all OK.

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