Access to devices on the LAN side (with private IP)

  • Hi all,

    am sure this topic has been covered, by didn't find anything when searching - probably used the wrong search terms.

    I run pfsense behind a fritzbox (DSL router) to provide a Hotspot to members of a gliding club. Setup looks like

    –DSL---[fritzbox]–-192.168.178.xx/24---[pfsense-box]–-LAN/WLAN (192.168.24.xx/24)

    I do have a few devices (webcams) on the LAN side that I would want to access from home. I know how to do this on the fritzbox and have configured it accordingly. So when these cameras are hooked to the fritzbox (i.e. on net 192.168.178.xx), I can access them from the internet.

    Now I want to move them behind pfsense so I have only one system where all access and rules are managed. Is there a way (and if so, which?) to access the cameras from the internet when they are behind pfsense (on net 192.168.24.xx)? Any help or pointers appreciated.


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    Well since your behind a double nat.

    You need to forward the ports for your cameras on the fritzbox to the 192.168.178.x address of pfsense wan.  Then on pfsense you need to forward those ports again to the correct IP of your camera on the network.

    Or you need to put your pfsense wan IP into the DMZ/exposed host of fritzbox so that all unsolicited traffic hitting your public IP gets forwarded to your pfsense wan IP on the 192.168.178, and then setup your forwards on pfsense to send the specific camera ports to the different 192.168.24 addresses of your cameras

  • Thanks John,

    sounds simple. Will try over the weekend.


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    It is simple ;)

    I would look to removing the double nat in the first place, there is rarely a good reason to double nat.