Unbound update/reinstall issue

  • I noticed the Unbound package had been updated to 1.4.20 this am and went to update. After a bit I noticed it still showing 1.4.19 and confirmed this using unbound -h from the command line. Then I noticed the package had been bumped to 1.4.20_2. After uninstalling the package and manually deleting all old unbound remnants, the package does not install properly. Here is the install info:

    Beginning package installation for Unbound…
    Downloading package configuration file... done.
    Saving updated package information... done.
    Downloading Unbound and its dependencies...
    Checking for package installation... Loading package configuration... done.
    Configuring package components...
    Additional files... done.
    Loading package instructions...
    Custom commands...
    Executing custom_php_install_command()...

    I'm running 2.0.3-RELEASE (amd64). If you need anymore info let me know.

  • It does appear to install the service, just not the GUI or config. Unbound -h shows 1.14.20.

  • @DigitalDeviant:

    It does appear to install the service, just not the GUI or config. Unbound -h shows 1.14.20.

    I've problem with 20_2 that unbound on pfSense slave crashes very often when something changes in network… like OpenVPN tunnel up/down  :(

  • Same problem on 2.1

  • My issue is fixed with 1.4.20_3. Thank you.

  • Confirmed that Unbound Alpha 1.4.20_3 fixed the install issue on 2.0.3 x86 as well.

    Much appreciated.

  • I still have one lingering Unbound issue.
    If I enact a change on the Services -> DNS Forwarder page, Unbound shuts down.
    When I make a save on the Unbound Settings page, it immediately starts up.

    What seems to happen is that the DNS changes take longer to process than they used to (10sec vs 2sec).
    There are no errors logged, just entries for the dhcpd daemon restarting.

    I've noted the same behavior on two different 2.0.3 release x86 systems.
    One was freshly loaded this week, the other upgraded from 2.0.2. Both run Unbound 1.4.20_3.

    Just FYI: They also run squid3/squidGuard and pfBlocker. Beyond that, their configs differ.

    And to Whoever:
    Thanks for fixing Unbound's install issue w/ 1.4.20_3. That was a big help.

  • yes thanks… update helped ;)

    I found the bug and this update when I tried to update DNS Forwarder information by saving unbound config...:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function cont_mount_rw() in /usr/local/pkg/unbound.inc on line 596

    pity… the 6core patch is still missing ... so I must still manually patch it (autopatch don't work):
    I find my fix a little nicer because it calculate with correct processors and can use max threads out of them (8-core... perhaps later more)

    --- /usr/local/pkg/unbound.inc.orig	2013-02-19 23:09:11.000000000 +0100
    +++ /usr/local/pkg/unbound.inc	2013-02-26 22:50:05.000000000 +0100
    @@ -620,15 +620,8 @@
     	// Slabs to help reduce lock contention.
    -	if ($numprocs > 4) {
    -		$optimization['msg_cache_slabs'] = "msg-cache-slabs: {$numprocs}";
    -		$optimization['rrset_cache_slabs'] = "rrset-cache-slabs: {$numprocs}";
    -		$optimization['infra_cache_slabs'] = "infra-cache-slabs: {$numprocs}";
    -		$optimization['key_cache_slabs'] = "key-cache-slabs: {$numprocs}";
    -	} else {
    -		$optimization['msg_cache_slabs'] = "msg-cache-slabs: 4";
    -		$optimization['rrset_cache_slabs'] = "rrset-cache-slabs: 4";
    -		$optimization['infra_cache_slabs'] = "infra-cache-slabs: 4";
    -		$optimization['key_cache_slabs'] = "key-cache-slabs: 4";
    -	}
    +	$optimization['msg_cache_slabs'] = "msg-cache-slabs: "     . pow(2,floor(log($numprocs,2)));
    +	$optimization['rrset_cache_slabs'] = "rrset-cache-slabs: " . pow(2,floor(log($numprocs,2)));
    +	$optimization['infra_cache_slabs'] = "infra-cache-slabs: " . pow(2,floor(log($numprocs,2)));
    +	$optimization['key_cache_slabs'] = "key-cache-slabs: "     . pow(2,floor(log($numprocs,2)));
     	// Memory usage - default is 4Mb if nothing has been selected

    … the to the package applied "fix" has still the bug:

    -	if ($numprocs > 4) {

    must be

    -	if ($numprocs <= 4) {

    (or swapping the then/else blocks) ;)


  • Updated one of my 2.0.3 x86 machines to Unbound 1.4.20_4 today and Unbound isn't shutting down any more.

    I can make changes to Services -> DNS Forwarder and logs show Unbound restarting correctly.

    As usual, you guys are THE BEST.

    edit: orig put ver 1.4.20_3 by mistake

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