MLPPP or Bonding of sort help?

  • Hi, i'm sorry if this has been answered before, but i've been sifting through tons of these threads and i dont see any definitive answer, so i'm going to ask.

    What i want to do is MLPPP on both sides but i'm not sure how to do it,
    meaning say i have a server in a datacenter, and i have 2 adsl connections on site B
    i want to bond the 2 adsl lines using bandwidth from the datacenter and server there. (yes latency will be higher, but i dont really care)
    I heard MLPPP works with Teksavvy, but thats not what i want to do? I want to do it all in house?
    if so how would i go about doing this?

    I've also read some threads about.. some vpn trunking blabla? something about creating vpn tunnels , but doesnt seem to be supported or work at all for pfsense.. (zs) seems to be able to but i dont wanna use zs.

    So i'm left with trying to mlppp? because that essentially performs the same thing??


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There is no way to do that "in-house" (yet). MLPPP requires the bonding be performed by your ISP.

    Eventually we're hoping to have a bonded VPN option that will create a tunnel on each WAN and then bond the tunnels, but that does not exist yet and there isn't a way to manually configure it that has been proven to work.

  • Thanks for the response I appreciate it.
    Do you know when approximately some kind of "working" thing would come out? even if only snapshots or beta or whatever?
    or is it one of those. its on our super low priorities and probably take a few years?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It would take some serious funding to speed up, but otherwise it'll be a couple years I'd say.

    We are looking into using kickstarter to fund larger features like that, but we're still working on the details.

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