Issues with NIC cards showing up

  • I have 3 nics in my recently built box that is going to be used for pfSense.  I loaded pfSense and can only see 2 of the NIC's.  The two NIC's I can see are the 2 PCI cards that have been installed into the box.  The 3 nic which is the onboard nic for my gigabyte motherboard with intel chip will not show up as an interface.  I ran a command and can see where I should have a 3rd nic available, but when I start building ports, it will not show up.  Can someone please help me with some advice on what to do from here?

  • 1. Have you clicked the "+" button on the bottom of the Interfaces -> (assign) page to add the additional interface(s) to the pool of interfaces available to pfSense? If there is no "+" button see 2.

    2. What version of pfSense are you using? MAYBE your on-board NIC is too new to be supported in the pfSense you are using. Please post the output of pfSense shell command```
    pciconf -l -v

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