Routing problem proxy->OpenVPN

  • I got an old netbook that I'm trying to configure into a proxy vpn tunnel but it only has one NIC, I've gotten OpenVPN client working and I've been able to make it a working proxy however as soon as I make the OpenVPN an assigned interface and activate it as "none" I can't reach my pfsense from my internal network, I also am having trouble routing the traffic from my proxy through the OpenVPN.

    I'm fairly new at this stuff so it's probably something simple but I can't figure it out;

    I'm running 2.0.3-RELEASE

    The "WAN" is on a local network getting a static IP from my router, so the idea is fairly simple as stated above, make it a proxy with password either on a specific port or "all" ports and tunnel it through the VPN client also how come my pfsense connect from local network stop working when I make the OpenVPN an active interface.

    Any help with this would be much appreciated, any additional information needed to help just tell me and I'll provide it.

    Ok solved the problem of me not being able to access the pfsense after activating openvpn interface by allowing WAN to always access it.

    Still no luck getting the Proxy to play nice with my OpenVPN connectiong but not giving upp, tried out the 2.1 BETA1, had some nice things, easier setup etc but was too unstable to be useful sadly :(

  • Ok, so I've done some "re-modeling" on my configuration and been able to set up the OpenVPN as WAN and the LAN as my physical interface making the physical interface into the gateway for the OpenVPN and it seems to work without any issues, now I'm just trying to setup a proxy from my LAN (physical) to WAN (OpenVPN) with login but can't really figure out squid.
    I think I need to use iptables to setup routing not sure how to work this with squid, still trying to solve this but any help would be great :)

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